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Chapter 3:
Altiplano Weavers
“A group of women united by a common cause that is weaving, a very symbolic practice throughout Argentina, done with respect for and inspired by the environment.”
Altiplano Region Altiplano Region
Altiplano Region

The communities of the Altiplano region in the Northern Andes, weave and spin sheep wool. They also weave llama - a smoother and more delicate texture than sheep wool. They hang several bunches of dyed wool on ropes which is then dried by the sun before being spun on a long wooden loom by hand. Natural dying involves the use of lemon as a mordant for the dye to adhere to the fibre and avoid fading away.

Clothing is finished by ironing with a charcoal iron. The result are resilient unique pieces perfect for different climates. In many cases, the women learned techniques for spinning and weaving when they were young, making their own clothing when they were girls. This beautiful tradition and the communities of artisans are directly supported through these products.

Hanging Shawls
Hanging Shawls