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Aessai is a London based brand specialising in luxurious featherweight knits, ethically handcrafted in faraway places. Rebecca Kramer, the brand’s founder and creative director, was born in La Rioja, a remote part of Argentina. Scouted in Buenos Aires, her early fashion career brought her to Paris and later to London.

Her journey came full circle when she chanced upon a beautiful blanket by Manos del Uruguay in a hotel in Los Angeles. This discovery sparked youthful memories of holidaying in the Uruguayan resort town of José Ignacio and of wearing the same pieces over bikinis or slipping on one of its ponchos when the nights got chilly.

Rebecca dedicates ‘chapters’ in the Aessai narrative that celebrate the craft, integrity and beauty of the communities that make them. She is delighted to celebrate, curate and share her discoveries of her dedicated research among the "Pueblos Originarios"of South America. The result is a rich brand of products with absolute integrity and conscience.

Behind Aessai

Rebecca Kramer

Rebecca Kramer

The Story of a Journey

Our first chapter

Aessai, derived from the phonetic spelling of essay and inspired by a series of interwoven stories and journeys, embraces the skills of the collective Manos del Uruguay, which is well known for producing beautiful luxury yarns, scarves and other handmade pieces and for being an early pioneer of Fair Trade.

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Founder and Creative Director of Aessai

Rebecca Kramer

Rebecca Kramer

Luxurious softness and featherweight warmth.
Modern knitwear design from Uruguay.